out/back 275 Modern Ranch - Eau Claire, Wi

modern ranch - eau claire, wi

out/back 269  Traditional Home - Luxemburg, Wi

Indicative of our desire to work with you on your style and budget, this home was designed from images off the internet the couple had.

For budget purposes, this recently completed home was designed in two parts. - First, it was designed to accommodate a two stall garage and living space above. Then once further funds were captured from the sale of their existing home in Upper Michigan, the remainder of the structure and third stall was constructed. Proper site planning nestled this home in the woods appropriately away from neighbors and the road.

Due to the amount and proximity of surrounding trees, this home was constructed with no gutters and a metal roof to alleviate yearly leaf removal.

Every homeowner desires a certain look. A tiny table top porcelain christmas house was the inspiration for this diminutive gem on a fantastic parcel in De Pere.

Serving only as a work studio, it is just 75 yards from the main home, overlooking a man made pond.

Situated on a remote site with a custom built pond, this magnificent mini studio endured meticulous  site planning to

make use of existing natural pathways, southerly views,

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