fish creek cliff dweller

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• 107 north broadway - de pere •

Naturally nestled into the cliffs of the creek - this baby reflects the owner's ...and architect's love and passion for their door county. Inspired by the light and shadows of the trees, this home manifests pure nature with its soaring windows allowing morning to evening sun to sprinkle into its spaces.  During the 3D design phase, we three, jokingly sat within the home looking out, determining which of the 103 windows to delete. They all were kept, allowing full interaction with the birds who fly past them daily, enticing their new cliff dwellers to become a part of them.

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Exploring a multitude of schemes (13 to be exact), both perpendicular and horizontal to the cliff, we ultimately positioned the home lengthwise to the creek, maximizing trees, views and cost. This setting now affords the couple to 'run' with the birds, from the detached south porch to the detached garage - on the opposite end.