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This pandemic escape home was designed with peace comfort and design in mind.

Still in the estimation phases -

we look to construct this home soon!

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What initially begins with one site and one client becomes the immense design endeavor to evolve that perfect home. 

Here three schemes are presented, each programmatically the same, but all uniquely different. BAG's design process always includes reviewing a number of schemes and design imageries. 

No scheme is perfect until the client determines the true and right design fit...

What first began as a design project to build a home on a typical city culdesac mimicing their neighbor's mc mansions for ' fit' sake, later morphed into analyzing a completely different building site to suit the couple's truly life long dream - to LIVE and be MODERN.

With solid programming and a number of schematic design options we were able to create their 'Palm Springs' dream home right here in Wisconsin. 

BURG Homes recently completed the construction of

this 7000 SF single level home in the Fall of 2019.

If your Dream Home is in the Classic Style, we'll endeavor
to design you the best possible classic home in the area! 

We understand you have dreamed all your life of that special home where you've assembled pictures either on Pinterest or from custom home magazines. We start from scratch with your ingredients!  

Allair Homes recently completed this home.