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For over 20 years, out/back design group, the residential design division of Brummel Architectural Group - BAG, assisted homeowners with the creation or enhancement of their own personal 'dream/spaces' or 'out/backs.' That term, was first inspired by architect 
Marc Brummel's thesis sketch of his own natural
'out/back'some 35 years ago. It was meant to be and still remains a 'Feng Shui' or 'utopian' design concept.
Today, hundreds of built 'out/backs' speckle the natural environment, from Lake Geneva to Door County to Astor Park.

While incorporated well before 'Outback Steakhouse' and 'outback subarus',

we now desire to eliminate all the confusion...

and those pesky phone calls requesting us to "reserve a table for four"!

We just want to be known for what we are - a really good design firm! 

Thus, moving forward, we are more simply titled

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moving forward

BAG is a full-service architectural firm established  in 1996, offering sustainable design practices, master planning, interior and urban design, site analysis and project feasibility studies. Our history exemplifies an outstanding reputation for matching cost control, superior project management and construction supervision within innovative, modern designs. Aided by our exemplary virtual 3D computer practices, we offer clients the ability to visualize their projects throughout the entire design process.

From college campuses to modern homes, review this website to see our vast portfolio.


107 north broadway, de pere, wi 54115

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BAG Founded 1996

American Institute of Architects

  1. With meaningful work, through the relationships and buildings we have built, 
    striving to contribute to a better built environment, instilled with a sense of purpose,
    whether designing a sustainable campus facility,
    a dignified space for the aging
    or a euro modern home.

    For 22 years, Brummel Architectural Group & out/back design group,
    has tried to combine architecture and people in a spirited,
    thoughtful and compelling way.

    We are humbled by your visit today. Thank you for your interest.
    Call or email us your inquiry.