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door county spirituality & funk

Combining ‘art and living’ in the figurative and literal sense was primary for this client. Having a pastoral vocation and a love of painting, he desired an addition to his existing cabin that would evoke 'spirituality and funk' all at the same time.

Since Door County architecture dwells in the firm’s veins, the owner selected BAG’s out/back design team for its experience of designing more with less - a minimalist approach, proper for designing buildings in concert with nature.

Set into the cliff and trees, a bridge on piers links the old cabin to the three level tower. The upper most realm - the studio - offers views above the forest canopy to the sturgeon bay canal.  There, a guitar loft, accessed via a circular stair, pokes even higher. The mid level houses a euro master suite and sitting area. An open carport penetrates the foundation of the building.

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